Script 2 Patina Wholecut


Walk the historical battle of Badr - with these astonishing custom-engraved whole cuts. 
Hand cut from raw high-grade Italian crust leather, shoe patterns are engraved with beautiful hand sketched arabic calligraphitti. Applying natural dyes and oils -and lots of savoir-faire- our Maestro colorist achieves this unique and staggering look that we call "crust" Patina. After much hand brushing and polishing, the glacé effect is jaw-dropping, as you can see on the pictures.
What to say about the last? Light weight and durable, the running sole is a unique combination with the classic look making this particular style the perfect hybrid from day to night.
Full calf interior, and A-grade Italian crust leather. Gentlemen, it doesn't get any better than this.

The Details:

Materials: Grey crust patina calf with carved Arabic Calligxraphitti engraving

Lining: black calf leather

Sole:  White running sole

Last: Zurigo - Rounded Toe for Traditional English Look

Disclaimer: our designs do not include, represent, reference or affiliate with any political or religious representation and are only created with artistic intentions & inspiration.

The Fine Print:

  • Shoe production timeline/shipping can vary from 30-40 days from the date of order.
  • All shoes are handmade, small tiny changes or imperfections are natural.
  • Color differentiation of shoes may vary, product color on screen is not 100% guaranteed, it may vary on how the color shows on your screen from one person to another.
  • Most of the time the color difference from picture to when you receive your product is minor and unnoticeable.

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