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Welcome to Que Shebley, a cutting-edge fashion tech company that was founded in 2014!

At Que Shebley, we specialize in designing and handcrafting luxurious footwear and leather goods using a fusion of old-world craftsmanship and 21st-century techniques. As a brand, we take pride in challenging the traditional rules of luxury style and empowering our customers to be their own designers.

Under the Que Shebley label, we operate exclusively online, providing our valued customers with a unique and advanced shopping experience that puts the creative power in their hands. We believe that fashion should be a reflection of one's unique style, and we aim to provide our customers with the tools to express themselves through our products.

At the heart of our brand philosophy is a deep respect for artisan craftsmanship. We believe that the spirit of craftsmanship should remain at the center of everything we do. Our team of skilled artisans meticulously handcraft each piece, pushing the limits of craftsmanship to create exceptional products that stand out in the fashion industry.

As a brand, we are constantly striving to challenge the guidelines of style and set new trends. We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering innovative designs that captivate our customers. We are honored to have you join us on this exciting journey as we continue to redefine the landscape of luxury fashion.

Thank you for choosing Que Shebley, and we look forward to serving you with our exceptional products and unparalleled customer experience. Let's embark on a stylish adventure together!

How It All Started

From the very beginning, Que Shebley has stood out with its unique combination of technical skill, innovative flair, and original ideas, all rooted in bespoke know-how. While other traditional brands may be evolving, they often continue to dictate fashion to their customers with the same seasonal collections year after year, without considering their input.

Que Shebley is a non-conformist, daring brand that is leading the way in the fashion industry. Our profound and innovative approach has caught the attention of even the top brands, who may try to discredit us at every opportunity.

At Que Shebley, we believe that the rules of luxury style should be broken and that our clients should have creative control. We strive to provide this creative empowerment while still maintaining the artisan, old-world spirit at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to push the limits of craftsmanship and put the power of style in the hands of our clients.


The Founder

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Que Shebley

Bringing Fashion, Style, and Revolution to the Apparel Industry


Que Shebley, an immigrant of Lebanese American heritage, embarked on his fashion journey in 2005. Raised in Kuwait and later moving to the United States, he drew inspiration from his father, a self-taught designer and importer of Italian leather goods, and his mother, a skilled jewelry crafter. From experiencing both opulence and hardship, Que's unique journey has shaped him into the person he is today.

Renowned for his distinctive use of colors and penchant for blending soft and hard textures in his designs, Que Shebley has gained recognition in the fashion industry for his high-quality services and one-of-a-kind creations. With a diverse background that includes working for various fashion houses and catering to both ready-to-wear and haute couture segments, Que has established a reputation for his unparalleled creativity.

In 2014, Que founded the Shebley Group, a fashion investment house specializing in the manufacturing and design of premium shoes and apparel. With a vision for expansion, the Shebley Group plans to extend its services to other markets, including home decor, in the upcoming years. Que Shebley's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to delivering exceptional fashion experiences continue to drive his success in the industry.