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FeetSizr App | Scan your feet with your phone and get the right size

Easy To Use

You will only need a phone with a flash camera and a sheet of paper. The scan is just a one-time procedure!

Accurate Measures

Our algorithm will generate a 3D mesh of your feet with accurate measurements based on the pictures you take.

Your SizeID

Once you run the first scan, we will store your feet data on the cloud, so you don't need to scan your feet again.


We have partnered with shoe manufacturers and brands, to gather accurate fitting measures of each of their shoe lasts

How it works? Scan your feet!

Download the app and follow the instructions to take 3 pictures of each of your feet. Our algorithms will generate an accurate 3D representation of your feet based on the pictures.

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How to use your Size ID?

Once you complete the first scan, you are ready to rock & roll! Forget about fitting issues when shopping online. Use your FeetSizr ID instead of guessing your size, and you will get the perfect recommendation for your feet

How to use my Size ID?

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