Quswa 2 Patina Wholecut Shoes


Walk the historical battle of Badr - with these astonishing custom-engraved whole cuts. 
Hand cut from raw high-grade Italian crust leather, shoe patterns are engraved with beautiful hand sketched arabic calligraphitti. Applying natural dyes and oils -and lots of savoir-faire- our Maestro colorist achieves this unique and staggering look that we call "crust" Patina. After much hand brushing and polishing, the glacé effect is jaw-dropping, as you can see on the pictures.
Original Goodyear welted using traditional techniques, they feature our fiddled waist leather sole and metal tow tap. And it's no coincidence that we chose the leather sole for this particular shoe: having the slimmest profile it’s often considered the dressiest of all them. Besides that, it's hardwearing, flexible, practical, long lasting and beautiful.
What to say about the last? Used on some of our most refined hand finished shoes, the "Fiddled waist" shoe-last is the result of many rounds of refinement to create the perfect men's formal last. Featuring a metal  toe tap and a violin light chiseled waist, this is a great go-to last for a truly refined luxury look with a suit or tux shoe.
Original 360 Goodyear welted, full calf interior, and A-grade Italian crust leather Fiddled waist & metal toe tap. Gentlemen, it doesn't get any better than this.

Materials: Denim crust patina calf leather + leather carving Arabic calligxraphitti

Lining: black calf leather

Sole: Goodyear welt closed channel leather sole

Last: fiddled waist with metal toe tap

The Fine Print:

  • Shoe production timeline/shipping can vary from 30-40 days from the date of order.
  • All shoes are handmade, small tiny changes or imperfections are natural.
  • Color differentiation of shoes may vary, product color on screen is not 100% guaranteed, it may vary on how the color shows on your screen from one person to another.
  • Most of the time the color difference from picture to when you receive your product is minor and unnoticeable.

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