The Rise Of Online Bespoke: Here’s Why Custom-Made Style Is The Future Of Fashion

More sustainable, higher quality and a better fit: digital, customized clothing is the way forward.

The Rise Of Online Bespoke: Here’s Why Custom-Made Style Is The Future Of Fashion

More sustainable, higher quality and a better fit: digital, customized clothing is the way forward.


The fashion of the future is not one-size-fits-all.

In fact, interactive online tailors represent a huge new demand for bespoke pieces in a digital landscape - and that demand is growing. A 2017 Fashiontech study into consumers’ purchase habits found that 49% of Americans are interested in buying customized items, with 51% of those people saying that they would look for those customized garments online.


As the research concludes, "The future of fashion is tailor-made and online."


Enter: Q By QS.


The fashion-tech brand, helmed by innovative Lebanese American designer Que Shebley, and launched in 2014, is all about fusing traditional high-end craftsmanship with revolutionary new online customization tools. The result? High quality, bespoke tailoring, luxury footwear and leather goods which are shaping the future of individual style and how we shop for it.

Here’s why, in 2021, the world is finally turning its back on mass-produced fast fashion, and instead embracing individual style. With an exciting digital world offering more customization opportunities than ever before, this is only the beginning…


Interactive shopping is the future of retail

There is no getting around it: ecommerce is the future of retail. There’s been no greater evidence of that evolution than over the past year, where the events of Covid-19 have accelerated the digital transformation of the fashion retail industry at an unprecedented rate. In fact, it increased the shift to ecommerce by around five years, according to a report by IBM’s US Retail Index.Meanwhile, by 2023, global online sales are also forecast to reach 22% of all retail sales, and looking even further into the future, by 2040, Nasdaq forecasts that 95% of all retail purchases are likely to be made online, with traditional retail hardly existent.

New fashion tech means better fitting, made-to-measure pieces

One of the greatest things about fashion retail going digital are the new opportunities for interactivity and personalization it presents, For example, the 3D Foot Sizer tool offered by Q By QS, uses game changing yet easy-to-use technology to order bespoke footwear made to the exact size of your feet.

The 3D Foot Sizer works through an innovative smartphone app, which creates a unique 3D mesh of your feet, with accurate measurements based on photos you take using your phone. Once this scan is created, it’s recorded and linked to your SizeID, which is then used to give you a tailored size recommendation with your exact feet in mind, for the shoe style you want. You’ll never have to send back ill-fitting shoes again, and trips to shoes on for size in a bricks-and-mortar shop are suddenly made redundant.

Customization empowers customers to be their own designer

Online customization tools mark a new era in people having the resources to truly embrace their individual style, rather than relying on off-the-rack mass produced garments. The exciting Q-Bespoke design tools offered by Q By QS allow users to personalize every part of their luxury shoe design, from the footwear style, to the color of leather, the base of the shoe and the burnishing. It presents a new level of individuality previously not available to customers - and it’s one suited to their exact personal tastes, which they will treasure forever.

Luxury bespoke fashion presents a more sustainable future

The trend for well-fitting tailor-made high-quality garments, is a significant step towards a more sustainable future for fashion. While the internet has allowed for a boom in fast fashion retailers selling masses of cheaply-made clothes, often at the expense of humane working conditions and destroying the planet in the process, alternative slow, sustainable fashion designers have also grown a steady customer base, choosing quality over quantity. The rise in popularity of luxury bespoke clothing paves the way for a sustainable, slow-burning approach to style: made-to-measure designs are far more ethical, with less waste, lifetime wear and without the negative environmental impact of mass-produced pieces.


Bespoke tailoring means high quality pieces

Another reason luxury bespoke fashion is so sustainable? Unlike off-the-rack items, you’ll never throw them out: these made-to-measure pieces are designed to make up your forever wardrobe. Made by dedicated designers putting individual care and attention into creating each individual piece, these custom clothes, shoes and accessories are extremely high-quality, and made to last. While the initial outright cost may be higher than high-street clothes, tailored items make up their value over years and years of wear. Custom-made is simply the best way to purchase the most classic pieces in their collection.

New fashion tech makes luxury bespoke shopping more accessible than ever

With the online customization tools available to customers all over the world, shoppers who may never even realized they could purchase bespoke can use the Q-Bespoke tools at Q By QS to spend time designing their perfect, personalized shoes and accessories. Plus, without the overheads of a physical Savile Row tailor’s shop, luxury is more affordable to purchase than it once was, too. Today, quality custom tailoring has never been so within reach - no matter where you are based.

Virtual shopping is the way forward, and fashion tech is ever advancing

As available at Q By QS, a digital storefront allows for the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with innovative digital customization tools in a way which marks the future of fashion and retail. But it’s only the beginning - and being online-only, Q By QS is perfectly placed to continue to elevate the bespoke fashion experience. According to research by CB Insights, the future of fashion will involve on-demand printing, online-first brands, 3D scanning and more - and of course, Q By QS is at the forefront of all of those trends. High-quality, luxury bespoke pieces and easier-than-ever ways to create them will never go out of style.


Ready to find your perfect luxury bespoke pieces, custom-made just for you? Head to Q By QS and join the personal style revolution, today…



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