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Camouflage Patina Now available!!


Introducing the New “Camo” Patina

We are glad to announce the introduction of the new Camo Patina, a new finishing texture for our Hand Painted Patina Workshop which extends our current offer of Regular, Marble and Papiro finishings (See The Art of Handmade Patina).



It is worth mentioning that we have made a quantitative leap in the overall quality of our patina workshop, mainly due not only to the usage of a new superior crust leather (produced by Nuova Antilope Conceria, in Italy), but also to the improvement of our handmade painting and brushing techniques.



The Beauty Of Hand Painting

The New Camo Patina is our interpretation of traditional Camouflage, conceived and designed by our patina artist in La Mancha, Spain.

The beauty of our Camo Patina, as well as the other patina finishings, is that no two runnings are ever the same. Each pair is a unique piece of art in its own right, with variations in color and texture, due to the singular handmade painting and brushing processes.


Camo Color Variations

The New Camo Patina is available in 5 different color variations: Grey, Brown, Denim, Red and Khaki. Each variation is made of 3 shades of the same color.



Now Available !!

Tha Camo Patina is now live! Just like our current patina finishings, the new Camo Patina is available for most Shoes, Belts, Bags and Accessories that can be produced through our Made-to-Order "Ultimate Bespoke 3D" (single pair order) and BULK (small batches) programs.


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