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How It All Started

From the very beginning, Que Shebley has stood apart with his unique combination of technical skill, innovative pizzaz and original ideas, firmly grounded in bespoke know-how. And although customary brands are evolving, they remain fashion dictators towards the client with the same year to year seasonal collections without the purchasers input.
Behold the industries non-conformist dare devil brand Que Shebley, an idea so profound by the “Tip top” brands, they attempt to discredit us every chance they get.
We believe the rules of luxury style should be broken, yet still provide so much creative empowerment to the people & assuring that artisan old world spirit remains at the center of it all.
we will keep on testing the limits of craftsmanship and change the guidelines of style into the hands of our clients.

Who we are

Founded in 2014, the Que Shebley brand is a first generation, fashion tech company that designs and handcrafts luxury footwear and leather goods using old world Craftsmanship into the 21st century.
Under the label Que Shebley, it currently operates online. The QS brand is leading the way by bringing back old-world craftsmanship to custom-made shoes and apparel in an advanced yet simple client experience. Empowering the client to be their own designers, a brand built for your lifestyle in mind.

The Founder

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Que Shebley

Bringing Fashion, Style, and Revolution to the Apparel Industry

Que Shebley, a Lebanese American immigrant who grew up in Kuwait and emigrated to the States at a young age, began his fashion journey in 2005. Inspired by his father, a self-taught designer and importer of Italian leather goods, and his mother, a crafter of jewelry, he developed a passion for design at an early age. Que’s surroundings of opulence, as well as his days of affliction, have molded him into what he is today.
Que is famed for his unique combinations of shades, as well as his fondness for soft and hard textures, which cannot escape the eye without leaving an indelible impression. He has worked for a range of fashion houses, entertaining both ready-to-wear and haute couture streams of fashion consciousness,and gaining recognition in the industry for his high-quality services and unique designs. After spreading his wings in the US fashion market, Que created the Shebley Group in 2014. It serves as a fashion investment house,manufacturing & designing quality shoes and apparel. Shebley Group plans to also amplify its services in other markets in the coming years, including home decor.