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Feet Scan & Size App

As you may know, we will be releasing our tech masterpiece during 2018  A 3D Mobile Scanner App (iOS and Android compatible) that will be able to scan customer’s feet and suggest the best fitting size among all our shoe lasts. 


Tech Development Update

We have been working on this project more than a year. It relies in high tech developments form previous years and an empirical study of 500 gentlemen who will try on all our shoe lasts. Your customers will be able to use this new APP and have their feet scanned. System will be able to analyze their 3D feet shape/dimensions and match them with best fitting size for each of the shoe lasts available.



Ideally, every customer will have their feet scanned with our Ultimate Bespoke Scanning Program and they will be given a Customer Foot Scan ID. Customers will be able to login into your Ultimate Bespoke Platform using the 3D Foot Scan ID.  Once they are logged in, the system will suggest best fitting sizes depending on the shoe design they would be ordering.



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