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By purchasing this product you are making a positive impact. We contribute of each sale and we’ve partnered with WeAreGoodness.io

"Art. Liberation. Revolution: The FP Project"

In the annals of history, art has served as a beacon of liberation, a canvas upon which the voices of the oppressed resonate louder than words. The FP Project channels this timeless tradition, fusing fashion with activism to create a movement that transcends boundaries. With each step, our boots become a brushstroke, painting a picture of defiance and hope. From the streets of protest to the halls of power, art has always been the language of the revolutionaries, speaking truths that words alone cannot convey. Join us as we harness the power of art to ignite change, to challenge the status quo, and to pave the way for a future where freedom knows no limits. 

The FP Project: 50% of sales are donated to UNRWA


The Details:

Materials: black box calf with xtra hand polished toe tip

Lining: black calf leather + Fur (can be ordered without fur lining, please contact us via chat to help set your order or click on "customize me")

Sole: black higher heel - goodyear leather with custom art 

What is Fast Lane?
Fast lane is our new experimental 7 day made to order collection, an ambitious never been heard of before collection of styles produced in only 7 business days. Unlike our usual styles which take 20-30 business days to hand make, this new collection can be customized (limited options) and only produced and shipped to you in 7 days. Due to some limitations, it is limited to size availability, a first come first serve style in which not all sizes may be available as your size may sell out quickly during the order process.

    The Fine Print:

    • Fast Lane Shoe production timeline/shipping Can vary from 7-10 days from the date of order.
    • All shoes are handmade, small tiny changes or imperfections are natural.
    • Color differentiation of shoes may vary, product color on screen is not 100% guaranteed, it may vary on how the color shows on your screen from one person to another.
    • Most of the time the color difference from picture to when you receive your product is minor and unnoticeable.



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