The Most Advanced Fashion Designer in the world!!

The most advanced fashion designer you have ever seen...

What do you think of when you hear the words "Fashion Designer", perhaps glamour, talent, art, stylish, talented, unique... and much more. 

How about we combine all those and more.... especially intelligent?!? 

The industry is constantly booming about AI, whether it's new integration with amazon's future algorithmic styling, or brands such as Mad street Den where their AI can predict what your looking for while shopping. All and all some very promising future where AI and fashion surly to be a match made in heaven.

The Shebley group & Q by Qs also understands the importance of constant innovation, and the love of creating a unique experience to all our clients from start to finish. This is exactly why the team behind the brand have been working hard since 2015 on an ambitious yet promising AI fashion designer, just imagine if you can command your Ai designer to custom make your next wardrobe!!

This is all we can say for now as it is still a hussshhh hussshh stay tuned and keep up with our updates.

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