The Luxury Shoe Trends Making Their Way To You This Fall 2021-2022

The Luxury Shoe Trends Making Their Way to You This Fall

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Fall is just around the corner, but in the fashion world, it always helps to stay ahead of the trends. This year, L'Officiel describes fall fashion as an evolution of 2020's dominant loungewear trend — you can see a lot of light colors and soft prints on clothing that still look stylish while being comfortable. And this seems to be the trend for footwear, too. With travel restrictions relaxing somewhat, we’re freer than ever to step out into the world — so make sure you do it with a pair of stylish shoes.

Oxfords or Loafers with Socks

For some, the Fall means going back to school and wearing some preppy look to take the spotlight. Wearing your Oxfords or loafers with contrasting high socks can give you that youthful edge while still looking classy and mature. Elevate your everyday look by pairing light-colored socks with our Indi Ladies Patina Loafers. Like with all our shoes, their soft brown calf lining will remain super comfortable even if you’re on your feet all day.

Luxury Sneakers

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Why not try out some high-end sneakers? Online sneaker community SoleSavy recently covered the collaboration between sneaker manufacturer Fila and art boutique The Museum DC. The result of their collaboration is the Museum DC x FILA Tennis 88, a tennis shoe that incorporates cartoony designs into the sneaker’s calming cream colorway. The shoe is celebrates how the arts and fashion worlds collide, which will help take your look to the next level.

Color Blocking

The essence of color blocking is a method where blocks of bright, solid colors help to create a chic look. Color blocking first made waves in the 60s, but it has gained popularity again recently. Today, color blocking is evident in the Y2K resurgence, which has been dominating the fashion scene.

Our Eleanor Ladies Full Brogue puts an elegant spin on the color blocking trend. With blocks of cognac, burgundy, and navy, the Eleanor Ladies Full Brogue capitalizes on the vibrance of color blocking without being too garish.

Sustainable footwear

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With social media driving environmental awareness at the forefront of societal consciousness, more people are looking to incorporate sustainability into their wardrobes. In the footwear industry, Veja co-founders Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion are championing the movement toward eco-friendly fashion. To reduce the environmental impact, Veja shoes source environmentally safe materials like wild rubber and ecological cotton. Some shoes even have uppers made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Strappy Heels

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Gladiator sandals have made a comeback this year, inviting us to bring more edge to our wardrobe. They recently made an appearance at the Pyer Moss Fall couture show, further elevating their look with an added heal. Coming in a passionate shade of red, the Alexandra Naples High Heels are a sultry take on the trend. Their delicate, ribbon-like straps add a touch of elegance to these statement shoes.

From the vibrance of color blocking to the sultriness of gladiator heels, fall shoe styles are unpredictable, offering different artistic flavors for different tastes. To express your own personal style, you can check out our Q-Bespoke luxury custom shoe design services.


Written by: Beth Stein

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