Laser engraved Initials!

Did you know that you can customize your MTO orders with engraved initials on heel?

The ultimate shoe customization program for private labels has gone further: introducing initials embossed on the heel is possible!

Make it personal

We already know that each pair of shoes handcrafted by our artisans is a totally unique piece of art. It really is one in a million (+60 billion to be precise!) and it is handcrafted exclusively for a particular customer, in a particular moment in time. What if we could take this customization a bit further to enhance the uniqueness of your pair of shoes?

Engraving customer initials is the perfect way to show customers to which extent we value not only our shoes but also the support we constantly receive.

Our ancient shoemaking heritage dictates that the engraving should be done on the exterior of the heel piece. The engraving is done before stitching the sole to the upper in order to guarantee a perfect fit and placement.

In spite of being a very subtle touch of personality, the result will make you stand out from the crowd.

How to submit an order with initials on heel

It’s a piece of cake! During the order checkout, look for the option “Embossed Initials on Heel” and fill in the initials (up to 3 letters) desired. 

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