These are the three key steps to creativity, or at least, that’s what Kirby Ferguson’s (Everything is a Remix 2010-2012) has come up with during his career.

Everyone relates somehow

As someone working – at some level – on the fashion & footwear trendy industry, you Also may relate to his vision of “creativity” when it comes to product innovation.

The Process

Ferguson’s maxim of the basic elements of creativity — Copy, Transform, and Combine — distills the process that artists, engineers, programmers, musicians, and filmmakers throughout history have repeated in order to learn their craft and eventually produce new products.

The Dynamic of all modern day design

Copy: No one starts out original. We cannot create anything new until we have a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding in our line of work. Copying is how we learn.

Transform: Taking an idea and creating variations. Major advances are usually not original ideas, but the breaking point in a long history of progress by many different individuals.

Combine: The most dramatic results happen when various ideas are combined together. By connecting ideas together, creative leaps can be made.


We tried hard on the last few years to put together a comprehensive suite of applications and services aimed to help clients and boutique owners create their unique products. From the designing boards to shipping logistics.

Our Road Map

Our 3D Designing Tool, the Get Inspired platform are some of the main tools we developed. But the truth is, they all share the same goal. A «late motiv» that has driven our developing efforts from the creation of our company: provide our clients with the tools and opportunities to innovate on their own.

Dozens of shoe patterns, hundreds of materials, multiple configurable pieces, different shoe lasts and sole units… the potential for creativity is endless.

However, what does being ‘original’ mean? Does that concept still exist? Maybe it doesn’t exist anymore, and everything is a remix. Maybe we can only generate new ideas copying, transforming and combining previous ideas as Kirby points out.

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