Desert Driver


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You can also refer to them as "driving loafers" or just "drivers". They are essentially a mocassin-construction slipon with a snug but comfterble fit. The defining feature are the small rubber pebbles that cover the sole and extend to the back of the heel. They are very flexible and provide an added grip. Expertly engineered to keep you two feet comfterble as possible while navigating the road on four wheels, the driving mocassin was the footwear equivalent of the italian auto spirit, marrying luxury with practicality. 

The Details:

Materials: Camel suede + Grey suede

Sole: blue gommini rubber sole


The Fine Print:

  • Shoe production timeline/shipping Can vary from 20-30 days from the date of order.
  • All shoes are handmade, small tiny changes or imperfections are natural.
  • Color differentiation of shoes may vary, product color on screen is not 100% guaranteed, it may vary on how the color shows on your screen from one person to another.
  • Most of the time the color difference from picture to when you receive your product is minor and unnoticeable.



    PREMIUM LEATHER : We work exclusively with the best leather tanneries and importers, ethically sourced and bred. Our leather catalog is high grade 100% calf leather.

    ABSORBENT LAYER : All our shoes have a special midsole that absorbs the impact of walking, giving you greater comfort and managing to extend the life of the sole.

    ORIGINAL SOLE: Our soles are made in the traditional way, making them with several layers of pressed leather for the standard leather sole and other high quality materials for our other soles. All of our construction methods are universally recognized as the best type of classic methods including Goodyear welt, blake stitched, etc..

    LEATHER LINING : The inner skin of the Q is composed of a soft calf leather lining, which makes them much more comfortable and long lasting.

    HANDCRAFTED PRODUCT: Our designs are hand made. We do not use molds or laser cutting. All our production links are made and supervised by high expert footwear craftsmen with over 40 years of experience.

    OUR SEAL: All our products include a specially made QS® logo stamp to recognize authenticity.

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