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The Welt of a Men’s Dress Shoe. What is it?

In well-constructed shoes, the welt is a strip of leather which runs along the perimeter of the outsole. Its primary function is to attach the upper to the outsole and create a greater durability.


The Welt: A New Configurable Shoe Piece

Until now, the welt has been a standard non-configurable shoe piece in all of our men’s dress collection. From now on, you will be able to choose among 3 welt styles: Dress (the standard one), Country and City. Furthermore, color of the welt is also customizable, as well as the color of the outsole. Although it is totally up to you, it is still possible to match the color of the outsole and the welt.

Meet the New Welt Styles: Country and City

In addition to our standard welt (now called Dress Welt), you can design your men’s dress shoes using two new welt styles: Country Welt and City Welt. Check their differences in the images below:



How to Configure the Welt on the 3D Designing Tool (Ultimate Bespoke 3D)

When selecting a Sole Unit on the right-bottom widget, you will be presented with the Welt Selection Widget. Bear in mind that only available welt styles for the current sole unit will show up on the list.



Choose the Color of the Welt & Outsole

In addition to selecting the appropriate welt style, you will need to select the color of the welt, just as any other shoe piece. By default, the color of the welt is matched with the color of the outsole, which is the usual configuration. However, you are free to create unique color combinations of Welt/Outsole using your 3D Designing Tool.

Get Inspired Highlights of the Week

With more than 60 billion different materials/colors/designing/soles units combinations, our Made-to-Order 3D Shoe Designing Platform is a very powerful tool for all creative designers around the globe. Find below a few designs that caught our eye this week from our "Get inspired" menu:

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